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Сенсорная панель управления Control 4 C4-TSTR7-EG-B

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Control4 7” Table Top Touch Screen C4-TSTR7-EG-B
Versatility and ease of use are at your fingertips with the Control4® 7” Table Top Touch Screen. This brightly-lit, easy-to-read touch screen provides control over all aspects of your home-automation system. Control your lighting, listen to any music you want through the *Rhapsody™ online music service, check your kid’s playroom through a remote camera, or start a movie in the home theater using this single, elegant interface. The touch screen can be used over Ethernet or WiFi to give you more communication choices, and includes a light sensor to control light in the room and a proximity motion sensor that enters “sleep mode” when the touch screen isn’t used.

The 7” Table Top Touch Screen sits nicely on a coffee table, countertop, or nightstand. The touch screen sets a new standard in touch-screen technology, with rich color graphics, an easy-to-navigate interface and superior performance. This touch screen adapts well to any home or lifestyle.

*Rhapsody requires a monthly subscription fee. To subscribe to this service, see www.control4.com/rhapsody.

Smart Design:
Large viewing area – The wide-screen 16x9 format WVGA screen has over 3.5 times the viewing and touch screen area when compared to the Control4 Mini Touch Screen.
Streamlined design – The sleek design includes easy-to-use navigation and 4 programmable hot keys.

Powerful User Interface:
Familiar navigation – The same styles and menus are available on this touch screen as with other Control4 interfaces.
Easy to use – The dynamic color graphics feature tabs and icons, allowing quick and simple touch access to Control4’s intelligent technology.
Customized control – Four (4) programmable buttons allow customized quick access to common or critical functions and lighting scenes.

Easy To Install:
Flexible power configurations – The touch screen can be powered by the 120 or 240 VAC power supply, or by Power over Ethernet.
Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability – PoE uses low-voltage wiring, and eliminates the need for an electrician during installation.
WiFi capability – WiFi connectivity enables convenient and flexible installation options.
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