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Сенсорная панель управления Control 4 C4-TSM7-G-B

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Control4 7" Portable, Wi-Fi Touch Screen C4-TSM7-G-B
With lightning-fast responsiveness, excellent Wi-Fi performance, a five (5) hour battery-life, four (4) custom-programmable hard buttons, and 12 standard hard buttons for navigation, volume, channel and room power, the 7" Portable Touch Screen provides a superior home-automation interface at an affordable price.

The 7" Portable Touch Screen provides a convenient interface to control an entire Control4® system, access music and movies by cover art, and even view images from the cameras around the house.

Smart Design:
Wi-Fi support - 802.11b/g support with excellent range and WEP and WPA security options
Large viewing area - 16x9 format WVGA screen
Streamlined design - Ergonomic contoured design with easy-to-use navigation

Powerful User Interface:
Familiar navigation - Provides the same style and menus as other Control4® on-screen interfaces.
Easy to use - Dynamic color graphics featuring tabs and icons for simple touch access to intelligent technology.
Customized control - Four programmable buttons allow customized, quick access to common or critical functionality and Lighting Scenes.
Convenient - Dedicated buttons quickly control volume, change channels and navigate AV component menus.
Long Battery Life - Under normal usage the 7" Portable, Wi-Fi Touch Screen is usable for over 5 hours without needing to be placed in the charging dock.
Energy Efficient - The Suspend button puts the 7" Portable Touch Screen into a power-saving suspend mode, so that the battery can last up to 24 hours before recharge. This mode can also be entered via programming.
Room to Roam - With Wi-Fi support and no power tethers, the 7" Portable, Wi-Fi Touch Screen can be taken anywhere in the home, while maintaining full control of the Control4® system.

Easy to Install:
Wi-Fi connectivity - The 7" Portable Touch Screen can be added to any room of the house for easy wireless access to all of the Control4® system capabilities.
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